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This is the homepage of AD Tree Pirate, aka 'Captain Chainsaw' Captain Chainsaw was the first of the famous Tree Pirates to go solo. He is best known for his huge chainsaw sculptures exhibited at the Glastonbury festival, England. Where he built an enormous Tree Ent (from Lord of the rings) kneeling on a car and famously, a huge scorpion suspended fron a wooden frame of tree trunks.

"Wood spirit captured my heart back in 1992. Love of motorbikes lead to being seduced by the chainsaw. Living in the woods bought a Forestry NVQ and a chainsaw certificate...."

ad_treepirate_chainsawImmediately The Captain realised there must be a more constructive use for this tool than clear felling. Cutting wood up and not trees down is a Tree Pirates primary mission.

In the last 25 years Captain Chainsaw has made over 1000 chainsaw sculptures and chairs and other funky furniture from waste wood.
After crewing on 2 tours in the British Isles with circus Archaos the chance came to live the life of a fire juggerling/street performer/show off!

Audiences from La Rambla, Barcelona to the Avalon Fields Glastonbury have been amazed by his feats of flame and danger.

Captain Chainsaw introduced chainsaw sculpture to a small group of Tree Pirates in Bridies yard Glastonbury in 1998, the rest is history.



Andy and AD Tree Pirates sailed the first adventure on the high trees. Gladstone Park, North London commissioned the 2 troubadours to carve a 30 foot blue whale from poplar. The first giant chainsaw sculpture 2001.


2002 AD
Captain Chainsaw started his apprenticeship in heavy oak carpentry and whilst working for a few years with The Timber Frame Company he cut and erected over 30 roofs, houses and barns throughout the UK. Gaining qualifications in forklift driving, signalling cranes and stropping loads as well as another chainsaw certificate.

Also in 2002 a couple of mushroom making novice carvers asked AD to design and coordinate the building of the first Glastonbury monster chainsaw sculpture

2002 The Tree Ent.
Cheeky “treebeard” leans nonchalantly on his spade having half buried a car and planting an oak tree (which is now growing well on the main drag Worthy Farm)
He is constructed from one massive wind blown branch donated by an ancient Oak a couple of fields away and the base of another wind fall tree a few meters away. Green Oak timber frame joints and pegs splice these two trees into the 28foot Horned Giant. Treebeard now towers above a hedge in Wick gazing and grinning at the tor.


2003 Dragon Skeleton.
An Archaeological dig reveals a crash landed dragon. Probably dying on impact in the late Jurassic period.
Another successful mortise and tenon multi piece masterpiece “out of the box” Tree Pirates concept chainsaw sculpture.
Now resting peacefully on a welsh hillside near Lampeter appropriately in the land of the Dragon. arka


2004 The Scorpion
Concept and Design by Captain Chainsaw
This Tree Pirates flag ship is the most dramatic and “coming at ya!” piece to date. Despite aggressive stance, poised to strike, this super sexy scorpy sculpture proved to have its own hypnotic and tactile draw on thousands during the festival.



2004 Wookey Hole
Gerry Cottle (Mr Circus UK) met The Captain at the Scorpion. The next Chapter in the Tree Pirates adventure unfolds.


2004 Sleepy Somerset Dragon
Concept and designed by Captain Chainsaw

Curled up, just waking, the Somerset dragon graces the beautiful valley at the river Axe’s resurgence. Somersets most historic and ancient landmark commissioned Murdock to greet the visitors as they emerge from the remarkable tour.
Murdock was constructed from 3 large wind blown oaks from Wookey. This fortunate donation gives Murdock his incredible 8 ton girth.
Designed as a bench our friendly dozy dragon chainsaw sculpture is always inundated with kids.

2004 Bridge of Transformation
Concept and design by Captain Chainsaw.

A bridge of 2 halves, the centre arch representing the gateway betwixed 2 worlds. Life and Death, Light and Dark, Good and Evil, White and Black. The Elvin style half adorned with egg and horn, topped with and owl launching skyward. The darker half spikes, bones, and a dragons skull. Leading from the fairy garden to the valley of the dinosaurs the next Tree Pirates attraction for the visitors.

2005 Witches Hat Pergoda
Concept and design by Captain Chainsaw.

The Caves at Wookey Hole were once home for a notorious witch. This legend spawned the idea of this pointed gazebo. This elegant Octagon stands on Yew posts, sports a carved central boss and higgledy pigaldy ceder shingles and a seat made from reclaimed mahogany.
This majestically magical shelter has a timeless atmosphere, more reminiscent of a timber building hundreds of years old.

2005 Spirit of America

Captain Chainsaw was invited to Pennsylvannia in February to construct a massive gateway for a chainsaw carvers gathering in Ridgway. A crew of Tree Pirates was picked for this voyage of 2 fine seamen and on mutineer. With the support of many a good friend in Ridgway, The Captain managed to sail this huge ship into port, fending off desertion, betrayal and captivity in the Brig.
Thanks to the Tree Pirates; Si Cross-For Total support, Gary Orange-For The Ford Car-B-Cue, Deni Beech-For The Oak two headed eagle.
Also, Caj and Annie, Kev, Joe Harvey, Charlie and all the gorgeous girls of Ridgway.

2005 Sunrise Gateway
Concept and design by Captain Chainsaw.

A Japanese style 25ft Entrance to The Croissant Neuf Circus in the Green Fields at Glastonbury Festival. Built by a renegade group of Tree Pirates ( Seaman Will Latta and Tree pirates Pete Gregar) A timber hip roof frame standing upon 4 yew trees, hand painted rafters became the rays eminating from a 4ft diameter Stained Glass sun by Nina Gronw-Lewis.
This beautiful structure will rise again at the Sunrise Celebration festival 2006, along with 2 other surprise sculptures by The Captain and the renegade Tree Pirates.

2005 Pentacle Pergoda
Concept and design by Captain Chainsaw.

This cute little potting shed made with Yew posts, Oak roof beams, a Cherry boss and a Cedar 'mushroom' table has seating and flooring in Oak, with a Cedar shingle roof.

2005 Funky Pergola
Concept and design by Captain Chainsaw.

Fully carved and sanded Douglas Fir frame with curved braces and champhered posts, more than a cut above your average garden structue

2006 Fuji Rock Festival

Tree Pirates Chainsaw Sculpture

What a party! Back stage with the chilli peppers and wolfmother, proving you don't need to be in the music business to lead a rock and roll life style.
The best and furthest pirate voyage yet. Captain Chainsaw was asked to ship out and erect the scorpion and perform mind bending feats involving flaming chainsaws and pumping rock music, a top said beastie. Mission accomplished thanks to First rate crew members
Nina and R Gary.
Jason and Chris at Smash
The Mutoid Waste Company
Eddie Egal and Ivarna

2007 Pan

The Captains first project of 2007 was a dying cedar tree in Boltonsborough, Somerset. For safety reasons the tree was due to be felled but Ad saw the potential. Working with the bottom 25 foot trunk, which is 4 foot in diameter, to produce a sculpture entitled Pan. Inspired by the film Pans labyrinth. It took just a week to make but now the tree has years of life left.

As well as being able to design and build anything out of wood, as long as it is funky, large and inspired from a mythical or magical concept, Captain Chainsaw can;
Hire several structures / gateways which are in storage, for events.
Perform mind boggling feats of fire, and furious chainsaw sculpture demos.
Captain Chainsaws showmanship repetoir includes, fire and staff juggling, chansaw flinging, swinging and multiple chainsaw use.
Bring your ear defenders and a change of underwear if you want to hire Captain Chainsaw..
Fully insured and registered with the construction industry to build and perform demonstrations.. not bad for a pirate!

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